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Guoqiang Daosheng Industrial Co., Ltd. -DAS has been manufacturing and processing hardware fittings since 1992. In 2003 we began to sold CNC machine and established our brand DAS. DAS locates in Chencun Town, which is famous for mechanism in Shunde District of Foshan city. We started to manufacture CNC machine in 2006. With our professional technical staffs, we supply customers with one stop service from design, develop to manufacturer.
Our main products includes: Thread milling CNC lathe, Axial CNC lathe, Multi-axis CNC lathe, Horizontal CNC lathe, Slant bed CNC turning lathe, Swiss lathe, Grinding CNC lathe, Double spindle lathe, Turret lathe and so on. So different machines also can be manufactured here.
We supplies with sophisticated machinery based on our quality system and punctual delivery. Offering good quality Machinery and service are always our tenet. We will try our effort to meet our client's need. Welcome to consult with us!
Our Factory
The existing machinery production staff of more than 60 people, Research and development staff 10 people, Accessories production staff more than 30 people, Professional after-sales service staff of 10 people, Mainly for mechanical design, Electrical control, Software control, Professional talents in after-sales service and other fields. Has a number of independent innovation technology, Multiple patented technologies. Company production workshop area of more than 6000 square meters, Accessories processing workshop more than 2000 square meters, Office area more than 1000 square meters; In order to ensure the accuracy of important parts, The establishment of internal processing workshop, an area of more than 1000 square meters.
Our Product
Products includes the following:
1. Horizontal CNC lathe
2. Thread milling CNC lathe (Milling type lathe),
3. Multi-axis CNC lathe,
4. Slant bed CNC turning lathe,
5. Swiss type CNC lathe,
6. Turret lathe,
7. Axial CNC lathe,
8. Grinding CNC lathe,
9. Double spindle CNC lathe
Product Application
Product range includes the following:
1. Auto spare parts and Motorcycle accessories,
2. Medical equipment,
3. Smart household appliance accessories,
4. Copper aluminum parts,
5. Bathroom accessories,
6. Motor shaft accessories,
7. The electronics industry,
8. Lighting hardware,
9. Household electrical appliances
10. Automobile lifting and lifting parts
11. Furniture hardware fitting
Our Certificate
Our Certificate includes the following:
1. CE certification
2. ISO9001, ISO14001 certification
3. CNC cyclone milling machine patent certificate
4. Patent certificate of a low dissipative gear-milling composite device
5. A stable type transmission rod patent certificate
6. A patent certificate for cnc simple milling head device
Production Equipment
We have Machining center, Horizontal processing center, Precision grinding machines and other processing equipment.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication.
Our Service
Relying on the company in the professional research and development advantages of CNC lathes, key CNC machine tools research and development, design and production, to provide customers with a complete processing solutions, improve the quality assurance system, timely delivery cycle, thoughtful after-sales service, Choose one of the important options for high precision machine tools.Axis CNC Turning Lathe Free Sample

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