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△ Specially designed high quality yet soft and light weight 100% Polyester fabric
△ Waistband with interlocking drawstring ensures shorts stay securely in place
△ Special W3 stitching for higher maneuver and ultimate strength
△ Ergonomically designed with unique texture and style, perfect for MMA
△ VERUS shorts are made with supreme durability, functionality, and complete breathability
△ Available in Small, Medium, Large & Xlarge Size.
 Things You Need to Know Before Buying MMA Shorts
Popularity of MMA is growing, with more and more people tending to this sport for fitness and self defence purposes. Grappling and striking techniques from different combat sports are included in MMA. MMA needs apparel which is specifically designed for this purpose. There is a wide variety of clothing available in the market for Mixed Martial Arts. Manufacturers are using latest technology and material to design MMA clothing. MMA shortsare essential part of Mixed Martial Arts apparel. These shorts provide comfort and unrestricted movement during training and fighting. Choosing a right pair of shorts is confusing. You need to know few features before making a buying decision.MMA Shorts

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